012 - top ten SNL skits (of my limited SNL knowledge)

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Although an American comedy institution and television staple, the show 'Saturday Night Live' has never made it across the pond to the British Isles.  We've seen plenty of its stars in other projects, even tried our hand at our own version (Saturday Live) in the 1980's, but it didn't take, at least not in such a way as the original American version (now in its 36th season).

I've always been aware of the series, and as a fan of American pop culture have had to kind of fill-in-the-blanks when a lot of the sketches and characters alluded to things going on in the land of the free.  However, it's only in the last three years or so that I've actually bothered to watch full episodes of the show, illegally downloaded from wherever.  In this time, I've found the show's comedy to be very hit-and-miss (from a British point of view and sense of humour anyway), but of the panoply of skits and characters there have been several stand-outs from young pioneers of new comedy that have had me in stitches.  Some examples, in no particular order, follow:

1 - Garth and Kat

Introducing the supreme comedy talents of Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen -  there's something insanely funny about a musical duo who make up their songs on the spot, causing one member to have to sing a duet to the other one's crazy made-up lyrics in real time. It's a miracle they didn't crack up more...

2 - What Up With That

Keenan Thompson (known only to UK viewers from 90s kids show 'Keenan and Kel') plays an irreverent and hyperactive talkshow host who doesn't talk to his guests so much as he performs alongside a number of other regular background characters, including the hilarious Bill Hader as Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Amazingly funny.

3 - Nicholas Fehn
Couldn't find a video, but basically Fred Armisen plays a conspiracy theorist news pundit who never really manages to finish a sentence. I once saw a preacher give a sermon like this; I couldn't keep a straight face.

4 - Kickspit Underground Rock Festival

SO MANY LOLZ in this video.  Mrs Potato Dick, viruses, and of course Ass Dan. Little did I know that skit was actually a parody of a real rock festival infomercial....

5 - Stefon

Bill Hader plays a....well....I don't really know what he is........it's that thing of where midgets have dreadlocks and lay down on the floor.......but it's so awfully funny..........

6 - Judy Grimes (the Just Kidding lady)

The inimitable Kristen Wiig plays Judy Grimes, a lady who is incredibly socially awkward.... just watch.....

7 - Ambiguously Gay Duo

SO many rude lolz.....

8 - Gillie
It's probably becoming increasingly obvious that I'm gay for Kristen Wiig. I wish she were my comedy wife. Watch here.

9 - Bedelia (the girl who thinks her parents are cool)
The beautiful Nasiam Pedrad plays a brilliantly original character, a teenage girl whose best friends are her parents, in particular her cool mother, and is oblivious to their attempts to distance themselves from her for her own personal development.  It's funny.

10 - Scared Straight

This thing would be funny even without Tracy Morgan in it. Hahah, penis noire........

Honourable mentions go to:

Angie Tempura, Celebrity Blogger (Bitch, pleeze)
Bill Hader's creepy-assed Keith Morrison impersonation